Structural Capability

The photograph below illustrates the high strength-to-weight ratio that IsoTruss® grid structures exhibit.  These trusses have the ability to resist relatively high loads compared to their own weight. Here, four 8-node trusses all together weighing less than 1 lb. (0.45 kg), support a reinforced concrete block weighing approximately 11,600 lb. (5262 kg).


A composite IsoTruss® structure of equivalent strength weighs only 1/12th the weight of a steel structure. In other words, a 100 lb. (45.4 kg) steel pole could be replaced with a 9 lb. (4.1 kg) composite IsoTruss structure.


Properties and Behavior

A finite element analysis of three different designs was performed by an independent consultant to enable direct comparison of 6-node IsoTruss® structures to equivalent metallic structures for general vehicle applications. The designs were partially optimized for bending and torsional stiffness by allowing the helical and longitudinal properties to be different. 

The results show that rectangular and square IsoTruss designs exceed the performance of metallic designs in bending, torsion, and axial stiffness, both separately and combined. Likewise, a 6-node double grid IsoTruss exceeds the metallic bending stiffness and is equivalent in torsion.