Nathan Rich


BYU MBA with a background in finance, entrepreneurship, and sales.  Mr. Rich has considerable experience with early stage finance, project management, and corporate finance for a publicly traded company. In his spare time he enjoys traveling with his young family, playing golf, running, and watching baseball games. If asked where he sees the future of IsoTruss, he will respond with a vision of rebuilding lives and homes destroyed by natural disasters with IsoTruss structures.

Carter Smith


Serial Entrepreneur with a background in information systems, business strategy, and sales. 2015 Student Innovator of the year Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  He has started several different companies and has taken a variety of products to market, from consumer goods to medical devices. Carter is excited about IsoTruss being used to create one-person aircraft and other aerospace applications.  When not working on IsoTruss, Carter spends his time traveling and making music.